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What is Franchising?

Franchising is one of the popular business expansion systems in the world today. The franchisor grants an independent operator the right to distribute its products, techniques, and trademarks for a percentage of gross monthly sales and a royalty fee. The success of franchising as a business system can be attributed to several factors with the most obvious one being the brand name.

In today's consumer market, brand names are really high on and help in reaping good profits. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising and marketing the brand name of companies as a good brand name means consistency, quality and consumer trust. More importantly it is the proven business system in the form of a franchise opportunity.

On the contrary, franchise business gives you the advantage of not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to handling the various aspects right from marketing to human resource management, to accounting and distribution. A proven system enables you to avoid the traps or mistakes a new business is likely to make or incur in the learning phase.

Investor Registration

Investor Registration is a part of the company's growth strategy through which we are reaching out to the potential customers at various locations PAN India and offering opportunities depending upon the specific needs and the investment range. Through Investor Acquisition, we offer membership for FALIS to these potential investors and give them the access to the diversified opportunities available for their location.

Benefits of Investor Registration with

One Point Contact for all queries & requirements

Investors will get a Business Coach (Key Account Manager) who will help in evaluating and getting the right franchise business based on the investment criterion, industry preference, geographical preference, operational feasibility and other factors.

Complete Hand holding--Investors will get hand holding and support to start a new franchise business through FALIS.

Multiple Business opportunities can be taken within one year as per the investment capacity of the investor.

Experience & Interest based recommendation - -FALIS will help in finding the best business suited to the investor based on his past experience, wherein investor can own a franchise and run his own business.

Market Intelligence- FALIS will develop your market intelligence for analyzing the feasibility of the right type of business.

Regional Analysis & Brand Recommendation on the basis of the regional analysis and investor profile analysis- FALIS will suggest the best business opportunities.

Best Possible Information Disclosure- FALIS will provide all the relevant information for the selected brand and organize all Meetings with short listed brand.

Research based Recommendation- -FALIS will do regional analysis which entails complete research work including competitor analysis, target group analysis in the given region and basis the same, brands will be recommended In-depth analysis Consulting team will perform extra investigation and in-depth analysis (if required).

Con-calls & Meetings - FALIS will help investor to evaluate the deal by sequencing meetings with the brand to clarify the doubts.

Deal Structuring -FALIS would make the deal negotiation at best possible price wherever necessary and to the extent possible. Legal Assistance -FALIS will help in completing all legal formalities for a particular deal.

Confidentiality - FALIS will keep the investor information confidential and use the same for official purpose only

Entry to Events & Exhibitions - Investor will get free pass / entry to the exhibitions organized by FALIS during membership period.


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